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Congratulations on your interest in making positive changes to your health & fitness. The best way to start is to come to a free trial session and experience what we offer, that way YOU can decide for yourself if it's right for you. 

If you're ready to book there are TWO ways to do it:
 1.  Use the interactive coloured timetable below, select your session and complete your details. I'll be in touch to confirm everything before you come along.
 2. Call or Email me with your selected session, I can answer any questions, and we'll start work on your goals then and there.

If you'd like to know more, feel free to see the FAQ and additional information below before you book.

Training Venues:

Paringa Park Primary School: 21 Bowker St, North Brighton SA. 

Seacliff: Angus Neill Reserve, Esplanade (near Young St) or Seacliff Uniting Church, Wheatland St. 

Somerton Yacht Club: Esplanade, Somerton Park

Mob: 0400 033 302




"I have been training with the group at Brighton for several years now. Since starting I have continued to maintain my fitness level and have enjoyed the benefits of exercising outdoors rather than in a stuffy gym. I also hold special the many friendships that have been made with fellow members. We (including my wife) enjoy many social gatherings with the group and they are always fun events with plenty of laughs. It is always also good to see the rewards of training that others achieve whom could not even in some cases walk across the park without being puffed when they first join up."


"Brighton Group Fitness & PT is a great group of people who challenge where you are at to help get you to the fitness level you want to be at, while having fun. The sessions feel light hearted and friendly. Best of all you don't feel you need to be super fit to join in. I recommend Brighton Group Fitness for anyone who wants to feel just a bit healthier or motivated to a high level. So far I have seen a reduction in my weight since coming, and coming regularly helps me control my depression naturally.."


Family Discount 15%

Student Discount 12.5%

T's & C's Apply

Family Discount apply's to Spouse, Sibling and Parent/Offspring only, when two or more family members purchase a monthly, weekly or fortnightly membership.

Discounts applied upon verification of eligibility

CONTACT me for details

The Sessions:

Our sessions use a combination of a variety of techniques that are scientifically advanced to ensure you make progress towards your desired results. As your Personal Trainers, we will work with you to determine the best session combination to get your desired results, no matter what your previous exercise experience, fitness level, size, weight, we have helped many people just like you. And the best part, because we're often working with people beginning their health and fitness journey, the sessions are geared to suit any and all fitness levels, whether you’re starting out, or looking for increased performance for your next event – or anywhere in between…..

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