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7 Quick Tips To Help Digestion

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

7 Quick tips to aid in digesting meals…


1. Drink at least 1-2 glasses of water around 20-30 mins before a meal. 

2. If you can, do not drink any liquid within 10-15mins prior to eating a meal.

3. Take 4-8 deep breaths right down into the stomach once you sit down and are about to eat. 

4. Do not read or watch tv whilst eating. Your vision plays a huge role in allowing your body to enter into the parasympathetic nervous system. This is also called the rest & digest system. If possible eat in a calm state, perhaps looking out a window, sitting outside in nature or engaging in conversations with your family about their day. 

5. Slow your eating habits down! Chew your food until it is liquid. Try and count to at least 20 times next time you chew your food. Depending what the food is though, you may need to chew it 30-40 times until it is broken down enough for your body to extract as much nutrients as possible. 

6. Avoid drinking any liquids with 10-20 mins after eating (unless you need to wash it down, do so with a minimal amount). By drinking liquid after eating you will dilute the food you have just eaten and you will not absorb as many nutrients as if you let your stomach acids build up and digest the food properly. 

7. Heal your gut! By healing and then looking after your gut health with quality probiotics & minerals, you will have sufficient stomach acid production, reduced symptoms of leaky gut syndrome & a healthy/balanced gut bacteria. This will allow everything to work as it should.  

You don’t have to do all these at once. Try doing one thing each week and get used to making small adjustments.  Small changes create big sustainable changes. 

Comment below & let me know how you go with any of these tips. Would love to hear if they worked for you or even if they didn’t….

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