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Discovering Lifestyle & Fitness Balance In Brighton/Seacliff - Thriving in the 'Other 165'!

This is the story of Susan, one of our amazing 50+ year old local members from the Brighton & Seacliff area.

Life often feels like a never-ending marathon, with demands and responsibilities pulling us in every direction. Susan's life was no different, filled with work commitments, family responsibilities, and the relentless rush of daily life. But then, Susan found the secret to unlocking a healthier, happier life in the midst of her hectic schedule, and it wasn't just about those two-three hours of exercise that the government recommended.

In the grand scheme of a week, three hours may not seem like much. Susan dedicated them to 3 x 45-60minute group fitness sessions, but she soon realised that it was just the tip of the iceberg. The real transformation came from what she did in the other 165 hours.

Not too long ago, Susan hit a breaking point whilst being a member of a traditional gym and attending 3 sessions per week. The "other 165" hours in her week were filled with stress, unhealthy habits, and a sense of overwhelm. She yearned for change, and her journey really only began when she realised that just three hours of dedicated fitness was only the start.

Discovering a Lifeline...

Scrolling through her social media feed one fateful day, Susan stumbled upon a post that spoke to her heart—an invitation to join a fitness, lifestyle, and community program in the Brighton area. It promised to guide her towards health and happiness, but it also emphasised that the magic happened in those "other 165" hours. It felt like a lifeline, a chance to take control of her well-being comprehensively.

Joining the Community...

Susan decided to take that chance. She joined the program and discovered that it was more than just a fitness routine; it was a holistic approach to well-being. These two - three hours of weekly exercise were complemented by guidance for the "other 165" hours as well.

The Fitness Sessions...

The heart of this new program was its outdoor fitness sessions and community accountability, which provided a strong foundation. But Susan soon realised that true change occurred when she extended the principles she was learning, into the rest of her life.

Beyond the gym, Susan learned the power of the "other 165" hours. She received guidance on nutrition, stress management, and nurturing the art of self-care. Small, sustainable changes gradually transformed her daily routines, making her realise that health was a 168-hour journey, not just three hours a week.

The Power of Community...

But what truly set this program apart was the sense of belonging. Susan became part of a supportive and inspiring community of like-minded individuals. They celebrated each other's successes and offered a helping hand during setbacks, even in those "other 165" hours.

Several months after starting outdoor training with Brighton Group Fitness & PT, Susan's transformation was profound. Her health had improved, her energy was boundless, and her happiness was undeniable. She realised that those "other 165" hours were just as crucial as the three she spent exercising, and that they were the key to sustainable change.

Susan was able to walk up the flight of stairs behind the Seacliff Surf Lifesaving Club without needing to stop 3 times, she could pick up her new grandkids from the floor without groaning the whole way up, and most of all her self confidence grew through the roof as she got older too!

Susan's journey from overwhelm to empowerment is a testament to the potential that lies within the "other 165" hours. It's a reminder that even with a busy life, you can reclaim your health and happiness, and it's not just about those two - three hours at the gym. Embrace the balance, and remember, those "other 165" hours are yours to nurture.

Join Our Community...

If Susan's story resonates with you, if you're looking to thrive in the "other 165" hours, then consider taking the first step. Join our fitness, lifestyle, and fitness family today, we specialise in 40 and 50+ year old locals to the Brighton and Seacliff area. Your journey to health, happiness, and balance begins here.

We have many options to start with us that don't just focus on the 2-3 hours of exercising per week.

Some of our test drive options include (FYI, Susan started on our 6-Week Reboot Team Transformation Program):

  • FREE 7-Day VIP Trial

  • 21-Day Fit Over 40 or Fit Over 50 Transformation Programs

  • 21-Day Knee Pain Project

  • 21-Day Back Pain Project

  • 21-Day Shoulder Pain Project

  • 6-Week Reboot Team Transformation Challenge

  • 6-Week Nutrition Habits Coaching Program

  • The Catalyst 1 Day Self Care Retreat

To just start with us and give us a 'Test Drive' to see if we might be a good fit for you or not, just hit reply below or contact us on 0400033302 for your no obligation FREE 15 chat!

Glen & The Team!

Brighton Group Fitness & PT

*Name has been changed to protect identity as she wanted to remain anonymous!

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