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Water... Can it do more harm than good?

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

What you drink may not be all it's cracked up to be! Learn how in just a few mins!

Hey crew, with summer approaching here's some important info around hydration...

Over the years, I’ve had so many clients who are not drinking anywhere near enough water, then with a small increase each day they start noticing so many physiological changes! The aches they were having in joints suddenly start to ease a bit, the headaches they were getting most afternoons are almost non existent, the meals they eat are not repeating on them, they are fuller for longer and digestive issues ease.

The impact proper hydration & quality of the water can have on every single part of your body, right down to your cells is more than most people think!

Here are a some tips to hydrate your body at a deeper level…

1. Avoid tap water! Consider spring-water or multistage filters that remove the nasty chemicals and additives from tap water whilst remineralising the water (not just a brita filter or pura tap). Tap water & rain water can be laden with a plethora of synthetic chemicals and low PH level (acidic). These chemicals are not designed to be assimilated or absorbed in the human body & can cause reactions from within. Even in the amounts deemed safe by certain authorities, don’t you think consuming water that has no added chemicals would be even safer and healthier once filtered properly? We all know how important our good gut bacteria is don't we, then they go and add chlorine in the tap water to kill bacteria... Boom, there goes your healthy gut bacteria which can influence 80% of your immune system...

2. Drink natural spring-water where possible! Look at the source of your spring-water and know where it comes from. If it comes from a lab then you may want to wonder how natural it really is. If possible, look for a “Total Dissolved Solids” of 300 or greater or “Hardness” level of >170mg/l in the water. If these levels are not found, do not stress, a pinch per litre of pure sea salt (NOT TABLE SALT) or a concentrated mineral supplement can be added to your water, this will remineralise/reawaken your water and bring it back to life whilst replenishing your cells of vital minerals. This will also help with HCL acid production in the stomach, this is paramount in digestion and gut health. I use a really potent natural mineral supplement as well when I feel like an extra hit of minerals. My body lets me know when I need more minerals, usually by craving certain foods and lacking energy.

3. Drink a minimum of 33mls per KG of bodyweight. So for a 75kg person it would be 33mls x 75kg = 2475mls (2.475 Litres) per day. This figure is the minimum you should be aiming for if you are sitting on the couch doing nothing all day long for your body to be optimally hydrated. This is my opinion from my research & just a rough guide, as activity levels and other factors come into play this will need to adjusted accordingly.

Now for my recommendations on some water filter options... These are not definitive, just my own recommendations from my own experience and research.

1. Zazen Alkaline Water system. These systems are the bees knees! Find the facts and data over HERE. For anyone interested, I am looking to do a group buy on these systems only if there is enough interest, this will get you a hefty discount on the Zazen water systems so let me know ASAP.

2. For local spring water it's Mount Lofty Springs water or PH8 Natural Alkaline Water. I'm still looking for any discount codes for you on those, will let you know if I find any.

3. Another filtered drinking water at home we have is a pura tap which we then filter through this jug as well. If you use the code "ecobud10" you will get 10% off the jugs at the moment.

Do you have any questions about what water & how much water to drink? Let me know below...

Please also comment below how far you are away from your target minimum???

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