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10 Hot Tips For Winter Training in Brighton!

The 10 Hottest Tips to Stay Warm and Active During Winter in the Great Outdoors!

Keep Your Feet Warm

First things first. I don’t know about you, but once my feet are cold, that’s it! The rest of me is cold and I can’t warm back up. So, to keep feet warm and dry, here are a few great ideas:

  • Waterproof your shoes. Most shoe shops and outdoor adventure shops will stock waterproofing or water-repelling spray. Be sure to check the instructions before you use it, and apply it the night before. You’ll need to do it every week or so, but this one is a game-changer!

  • Invest in woollen socks. Merino socks CHANGED MY LIFE after my first winter outdoors. They keep your feet warm and dry, and even if they do get wet, you stay warm.

  • Have spares. If you’ve got errands to run after your workout, have a spare pair of socks and shoes ready and waiting for you in the car. Yes, my laundry increases in Winter – I can go through three or four pairs of socks in a day. But my feet stay warm!

Dress Like An Onion: Layer Up

Clothing choices can make or break how you feel about Winter. (Check out our range of activewear on this link

As you know, we work outdoors all Winter. And here’s what we recommend:

  • Wear layers. This is a tip that is as old as time. But honestly, wearing multiple layers that you can take off as you warm up during the workout, then put back on as we cooldown is going to make things soooo much easier and loveable for you. Think singlet, t-shirt, long sleeved t-shirt, vest, jumper. Even a pair of trackies over your tights/leggings.

  • Fleecy leggings. We live in a truly magical time when some of our biggest activewear manufacturers have been cluey enough to produce workout tights ACTUALLY designed for Winter. Many now live in these during winter!

  • Fleecy stockings. Before the advent of fleecy leggings, many used to wear a pair of fleecy stockings under their workout leggings. Lovely and warm, with no restriction to your movement, these are a staple of wardrobes for the Winter months.

For The Extra Chilly Days

Lastly, it’s the little things that will make the biggest difference.

  • Workout gloves. We all know fingers can physically hurt from the cold Winter air, and from holding the cold, Winter weights! Invest in a good pair of full length (not fingerless) workout gloves and I promise it will change your life! Workout gloves are different to regular gloves in that they have a reinforced palm and grip on the inner face for holding onto and using equipment. If you would prefer fingerless gloves, then make sure they still have a good grip on them, a slippery grip will make it harder to hold onto weights etc.

  • Headwear. Having cold ears is really uncomfortable and can make you feel colder than you really are. Grab yourself a buff (a thick headband that can be used as a scarf as well), a beanie, or something in between and feel the difference!

  • Jackets. If you’ve layered well, you won’t need a puffy, down-filled jacket that will restrict your movements. But you may want to wear a thin, breathable spray jacket to keep you drier in the misty ‘spit’ that can sometimes roll through as the sun warms up the clouds.

  • Bring a bag. No one wants their phone or car keys getting wet on the dewy mornings/nights. And there is nothing worse than putting back on a wet jumper after it has been sitting on the ground. So, give yourself somewhere to put everything and to keep it all safe and dry. Even a sturdy, plastic bag will do here (great to reuse them!)

There you have it. With these hot tips, you’ll still be able to keep up your exercise routines and maintain your results without feeling guilty about sleeping in every now and then!

You will be surprised how often we hear how cold it might be at the start of the session and how hard it was getting out of bed, but then after the session that soon changes to smiles and feeling accomplished.

Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean that you can’t warm up! (fun fact: those who start or stay with us during winter, get the best long-term results, that's why we have members that have been with us for 5+ years!)

By just staying consistent through the cooler months, you’ll thank me when you’re ahead of the game as the warmer months come along too…

Glen & the Team!

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